Biscuit Packing Machine (Mini Pack)

Our Biscuit Packing Machine (Mini Pack) is the best machine for packing biscuits piled in small numbers like 2, 3 or 4. Our Biscuit Packing Machine (Mini Pack) offers high speed in packing the biscuits because it has double sealing jaws. With our Biscuit Packing Machine (Mini Pack) the high speed of 200pkt/minute can be achieved. Our Biscuit Packing Machine (Mini Pack) remains in use for years with low maintenance needs.

Model number

  • SVM/W/100


  • Sturdy construction
  • Ease of operation
  • Excellent performance
  • Low maintenance needs


Capacity Production for Every 8 Hrs.
Weight 20 Gms Packet
Production Maximum 1.5 Tons


Model SVM/W/100
Length 11 FT
Height 6 Feet
Width 4 Feet
Approx Weight 1000 K.G. (Approx)

Technical Specifications

Model SVM/W/100
Maximum product height Ø30mm.
Minimum product height Ø10mm.
Maximum width of the product 60mm.
Minimum width of the product 25mm.
Piles 1/2/3/4
Maximum speed (Depending upon the product) 32 Packets Per Min, for 4 Rows


Electrical Data

Power 3 Phase 440V with neutral 2 K.W.
Main Motor 3 Phase
1 Phase
6 Lead
2 H.P. - 1440 RPM - 1.5 K.W.
Frequency Drive 230V 2H.P.
440V 2H.P.
Input - Single phase-3 Phase
Heater 50 Volts.
50 Volts.
250 Watts for jaws
400 Watts, Disc Heater
Transformer Input Ac 440 Amp / Output Ac 50 Amp

Wrapping Material

Wrapping Material
Model SVM/W/100
Maximum width of the packing material 250 mm.
Minimum width of the packing material 90 mm..
Maximum Reel Dia. 12 Inch